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After living in the United States for 15 years, I came back to my hometown Matsue, a small city in the western part of Japan, in November 2014. I imposed a simple rule on myself. Use only American saltwater lures for at least one year and report what they catch...... When a year had passed since then, I decided not to lift this ridiculous restriction. I am still using only American lures.(2014年11月、15年間のアメリカ生活を終え、島根県松江市に帰郷した私は、自分自身に一つのルールを課しました。少なくとも1年間、アメリカのソルトルアーだけを使い、釣果を報告すること......。そして1年が経過した時、私は、この馬鹿馬鹿しい制約を解除しないことに決めました。今もまだ、アメリカのルアーだけを使っているのです。)

Oct 4, 2016

(No. 213) Squid and Turtle’s Hand at Saruwatari and Swimming with Tackle at Katsurajima (猿渡にてイカと亀の手、桂島にてタックルごと水泳)

Typhoon No.18 is looming on the horizon and I will be very busy from tomorrow. So I decided to take full advantage of good weather today. I got to Saruwatari in Nonami about 6 a.m. I had a hunch that finally I would catch a yellowtail amberjack today, but all that I hooked was a poor small squid by accident. I gave up fishing at 9 a.m. and started swimming in a nearby inlet with a beautiful waterfall. I videotaped the Japanese goose barnacle, a tasty crustacean called Kamenote (turtle’s hand) in Japanese. They repeatedly opened and closed their feelers (or foot?) in sync with the waves in order to catch something to eat in the water.
Then I drove to Kaka. I left my car at one of parking lots and crossed the tiny bridge to Katsurajima. It was the first time that I had visited this small island, which lies on the west of Kaka Harbor. I saw some fishermen catching squids and others the largescale blackfish. I cast some lures without much anticipation because it was already noon. Then I found there is a smaller island called Kurishima to the north of Katsurajima. The gap between them is narrow but too broad to jump over. Because I wanted to take full advantage of good weather today, I swam to the smaller island with my tackle. In this way I managed to make several casts from Kurishima. I did not catch anything despite the great hustle, but at least I can say I did everything I could do today.

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