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After living in the United States for 15 years, I came back to my hometown Matsue, a small city in the western part of Japan, in November 2014. I imposed a simple rule on myself. Use only American saltwater lures for at least one year and report what they catch...... When a year had passed since then, I decided not to lift this ridiculous restriction. I am still using only American lures.(2014年11月、15年間のアメリカ生活を終え、島根県松江市に帰郷した私は、自分自身に一つのルールを課しました。少なくとも1年間、アメリカのソルトルアーだけを使い、釣果を報告すること......。そして1年が経過した時、私は、この馬鹿馬鹿しい制約を解除しないことに決めました。今もまだ、アメリカのルアーだけを使っているのです。)

31 Oct 2015

(No. 98) No Fish at Uppurui-bana (十六島鼻にて釣果なし)

Today is October 31, which means today is the last day when you are allowed to fish at Uppurui-bana this year. Uppurui in Izumo City is famous for its delicious seaweed, Uppurui Nori. The nori grows on rocky shores in the winter, and local licensed residents pick it up manually. That's why some shores including Uppurui-bana become off-limits to the general public from November 1 to March 31. Today I started fishing at the spot called Ohbira in Uppurui-bana about 6:30 a.m. Then I saw unusual number of fishermen keep coming, but nobody caught any big fish whether with lures or bait. Whoever talked to me said, "Not good today.”
I kept moving around in Uppurui-bana. I moved to the tip of Nakabasan (a bit scary because of the rough sea), then moved back to Ohbira, then moved to Nishigaiwa as I kept casting lures tenaciously until about 11 a.m. Finally, I drove to Uppurui Harbor. I tried from its biggest breakwater for a while. It was already afternoon. I was tired and did not feel I would catch fish. If it had been a normal day I would have already been on my way home, but today is a special day, so I had lunch and took a rest in nearby town Hirata. I soaked in a hot spring in Yurari, a public bath in Hirata. In my humble opinion, it is one of the best hot springs in Japan. Revived by it, I came back to Uppurui-bana at 4 p.m. and kept casting until sunset. There were some new fishermen, and whoever talked with me said, "Not good today.” I had to agree with them.

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