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After living in the United States for 15 years, I came back to my hometown Matsue, a small city in the western part of Japan, in November 2014. I imposed a simple rule on myself. Use only American saltwater lures for at least one year and report what they catch...... When a year had passed since then, I decided not to lift this ridiculous restriction. I am still using only American lures.(2014年11月、15年間のアメリカ生活を終え、島根県松江市に帰郷した私は、自分自身に一つのルールを課しました。少なくとも1年間、アメリカのソルトルアーだけを使い、釣果を報告すること......。そして1年が経過した時、私は、この馬鹿馬鹿しい制約を解除しないことに決めました。今もまだ、アメリカのルアーだけを使っているのです。)

Nov 27, 2017

(No. 330) No Fish but Helping a Fisherman at Potentially Super Dangerous but Tranquil Sinsinbo in Etomo Harbor (潜在的には超危険であるものの静謐であった恵曇港の新々防にて釣果なしも釣り人をお手伝い)

It was before 7 a.m. that I arrived at the tip of Sinsinbo, the biggest and highest breakwater in Etomo Harbor. In my opinion, Sinsinbo is one of the most treacherous man-made structures along the shore of the Shimane Peninsula. As I have mentioned in my blog several times before, many tragic events happened there, one of which I got rather directly involved with. However, it felt unseasonably tranquil this morning. There was no one at the tip of it except me, and the wind and waves were very weak. Because I had heard that young Japanese Spanish mackerels had been caught there a few days ago, I primarily used metal lures, such as the Acme Kastmaster and Deadly Dick, instead of using big plugs probably more suitable for catching the Japanese sea bass. Even though it felt tranquil, I had to be careful because I knew the sea and Sinsinbo could be deceptive.
Unfortunately I got no strike when I fished from Sinsinbo for about 45 minutes. I gave up Sinsinbo and walked down to Edabo, a much safer nearby breakwater. When I started casting lures from Edabo, I saw one fisherman climbing the stairs to the tip of Sinsinbo. I returned there to talk to him. He became slightly disappointed when I informed him of my previous lack of luck, but he told me he would be satisfied with just casting lures. I left him at Sinsinbo and got to Edabo again. I turned around toward Sinsinbo when I was about to start casting a lure. To my surprise, his rod bent parabolically like a moon. He must have hooked a nice fish! I run up the stairs and found he successfully landed a beautiful young Japanese amberjack. He used a metal lure like I did, but his was much smaller than mine. I helped him to drain the blood from the fish (This treatment would make the fish more delicious and fresh). Then, through a casual conversation, I knew he had come to a crossroads in his life. I was glad to know that even the super dangerous structure such as Sinsinbo could be kind when it receives a fisherman stuck in a troubled situation like him.
新々防で45分間ほど釣りましたが、あいにく何も釣れませんでした。私は新々防をあきらめて、ずっと安全な近くの防波堤、枝防へ降りていきました。枝防からルアーを投げ始めた時、新々防の先端へ至る階段を上る一人の釣り人の姿が目に入りました。私はその男性に話しかけるために、新々防へと引き返しました。私がそこで釣っていた時は幸運に恵まれなかったことを知ると、彼は少しだけ残念そうになりましたが、自分はただルアーを投げられるだけで満足だと言いました。私は彼を新々防に残し、枝防に戻りました。そして、ルアーを投げ始める直前、新々防の方を振り向いたのです。すると驚いたことに、彼の竿が、まるで月のように丸く曲がっているではありませんか。きっと良い型の魚がかかったに違いない! 階段を駆け上がった私は、彼が無事に、美しいワカナ(若いブリ)を釣り上げたことを知りました。彼が使っていたのも、私と同様、メタル・ルアーでしたが、私のよりもサイズがずっと小さいのでした。私は血抜きのお手伝いをしました(この処置により、魚はより美味しく、新鮮になるのです)。そして、何気ない会話を通して、この男性が人生の岐路に立っていることを知りました。難しい状況に陥ってしまった彼のような釣り人を迎えた時には、新々防のような超危険な建造物であっても親切になれることを知り、私は嬉しく思いました。)

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