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After living in the United States for 15 years, I came back to my hometown Matsue, a small city in the western part of Japan, in November 2014. I imposed a simple rule on myself. Use only American saltwater lures for at least one year and report what they catch...... When a year had passed since then, I decided not to lift this ridiculous restriction. I am still using only American lures.(2014年11月、15年間のアメリカ生活を終え、島根県松江市に帰郷した私は、自分自身に一つのルールを課しました。少なくとも1年間、アメリカのソルトルアーだけを使い、釣果を報告すること......。そして1年が経過した時、私は、この馬鹿馬鹿しい制約を解除しないことに決めました。今もまだ、アメリカのルアーだけを使っているのです。)

Oct 14, 2017

(No. 319) One Splashy Strike at Rock Nearest to Saruwatari in Nonami (野波の猿渡近くの岩にて水しぶきのあがるストライク)

This morning I could not jump over the narrow channel to get to Saruwatari in Nonami. The weather forecast had not said anything about a swell, but the violent swell raged on around Saruwatari when I reached the shore about 6 a.m. I gave up getting to Saruwatari and started casting lures from the nameless rock nearest to it. I did my best, but I was not sure whether my lures flew to the most productive area in the sea. As a result, nothing exciting happened this morning except when I cast my Lemire’s Plugworks Senior Pencil Popper, one of my biggest pencil poppers. When I retrieved it the way American surf fishermen do, the lure drew one splashy strike. Unfortunately the fish missed the lure, but sometimes just one response from fish gives me a great satisfaction.

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